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Mind Trick


Not Your Typical Wordsmith.



I’m Justin Hendricks, a seasoned B2B and B2C sales professional with over 16 years of experience turned freelance copywriter.


“You’re a salesman?” Well, although a very broad term and not as eloquent a description for what I actually did or accomplished in my career, essentially… Yes!


The fact is sales and creative copywriting have a lot more in common than you might think. A quick search for definitions will tell you both require “excellent communication skills and aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.” Nicely put Google.


Throw in a heightened sense of empathy through years of honing your craft with face to face meetings, pitches, presentations, and negotiations, and you’ve got yourself someone who knows what makes people tick and how to engage with them.


This rare alchemy of battle-tested real-world sales experience, a pinch of wicked wordsmithery, and a healthy dollop of creative imagination allows me to write compelling copy that sells.

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Justin...


Justin Hendricks | Copywriter | Storyteller |Creative


Fun Facts!

The Lighter Side.

Let's Get Personal.

  • I'm South African born and bred, now living in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. It's a Long story. So when we speak over the phone and you’re trying to place the accent, it’s not Aussie or Kiwi. 

  • I’m a lifelong martial arts enthusiast. It's one of my many passions. Not just rugby!

  • As a youngster, I played competitive chess at a provincial level, for fun! I know right!

  • I'm not just creative with copy. I’m also a Lego "Master Builder" (a title bestowed upon me by my kids)


That's enough about me.

My Business Philosophy.

Deliver. Exceed. Build.

I love working with people. Collaborating to achieve a common goal and building long term relationships are the foundations on which my career has been built. My philosophy is a simple one: If you win, I win.


The goal of Mind Trick Copywriting is to…

  • Deliver compelling and persuasive rich copy that positively affect my customers' business growth and brand awareness.

  • Exceed your expectations in everything I do, with unwavering professional customer service and by holding myself accountable at every step.

  • Build strong, genuine, creative partnerships through mutual respect, honest communication, and delivering exceptional quality copy.

Together at the Top

It's About You.

Why Hire Me?



16+ years of Real-world Sales and Marketing experience.


My B2B and B2C market and industry knowledge enhance my understanding of the consumer's needs and how I can use strategic sales principles to better appeal to them.  



“Not every product solves a crisis but every sale is made

on emotion.”

Understanding your client's needs and that of the consumer is vital for effective copy. This natural ability has been honed over many years and allows me to see things from a buyer's perspective.



I love what I do and I do it with passion.


This is evident in my writing and when we talk or meet. It makes me want to exceed expectations and push myself. Passion is also engaging and infectious.

Who wouldn’t want to work with someone like that? 



I employ honest communication and mutual respect built on sound ethical principles.

I consider myself a true professional and rely on quality work with genuine customer service to build successful working relationships.

Sound like someone you'd like to work with? 

Image by Brooke Cagle


From establishing a brand voice that’s perfectly me, to social media posts and advertising.
Mind Trick Copywriting’s impact on my digital marketing has increased my customer interaction by 200%.
Teresa | Owner | Black Isle Bakes 

Everyone's copywriting needs are different.

Take a look at what I can offer you.


Tel. (+44) 07485 089366

Monday - Friday 

09:00 - 18:00 (GMT)


Thanks for getting in touch!


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