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Lost for words? I help businesses find their voice. 

It’s everywhere!

Websites, brochures, magazine ads, marketing emails, banner ads, social media posts, T.V and radio ad campaigns, billboards, and those stack of menus you get through the post from your local takeaway. They all started their life as a conversation with a copywriter.

What does a copywriter do exactly?


Research by Havas shows that people want content that engages them through storytelling, provides useful solutions and creates entertaining experiences.

As a creative copywriter, I provide more than just the copy for ads, websites, email marketing, and landing pages.


I write words that sell more and grow your business.


Of course, I could’ve said, “I provide written content that helps accelerate the commercial impact of communications towards financial growth.”

Yes, I can be “wordy” when I need to be. But when it comes to marketing, especially in the digital world, choosing the right words is critical to getting your point across quickly and concisely.

Knowing how and when to do this for maximum impact and persuasion is where

I come in.


Why do I need copywriting?

Is it really that important?


In a word, Yes! Using effective copy that demands attention is critical to standing out from the crowd and engaging with your customers.


When you can’t find the right words to make your website pop or that ad hit its mark, Mind Trick Copywriting will take the time to understand your brand voice, tone guide, and persona. Then I’ll get to work crafting copy that promotes your brand in a way that relates with your target audience and elicit the desired response, whether that be to inform, impact, or persuade.


What are the benefits of hiring a

freelance copywriter?


In-house copywriters are great and there are definite advantages to having teams of people working on different projects for one specific company.


The working relationship with a freelancer tends to be a more intimate one.

No need to be shy, but we do get to know each other personally.

This can be great for building both a positive creative environment and a strong working relationship.


You have my direct line and email so there are no switchboards to navigate or generic email responses or email trails to track.

This way you always know...


  •      who you’re talking to.

  •      who’s personally working on your project.

  •      who’s in the next meeting.

  •      who you’re going to be working with on the next one.

Because guess what? In the case of Mind Trick, they’re all the same person, all the time. Me!

This also ensures your company’s brand tone is consistent and your copy has a seamless flow across multiple marketing platforms.


I know my business best. Can’t I write it myself?


The truth is, no-one is more passionate about or knows your company better

than you. But here’s the kicker. For the same reason your customers turn to

your expertise for a professional product or service, so should you when it

comes to services that’ll help your business. Be it accounting, website design, and yes copywriting.


I love an analogy, so here’s one an old colleague shared…

“An engineering company doesn’t rely on their Research and Development team who built it, to sell their product to their customers, they hire sales professionals.”


So can you write it yourself? Yes of course you can.

Should you? Respectfully, probably not. Rather give that job to a professional copywriter for maximum impact so you can focus on what you do best, running a successful company.

"It's as easy

 as 1, 2, 3."

Collaborating on your project made easy, with these simple steps...







 Three quarters (74%) of web users pay attention to the quality of spelling and grammar on company websites. (Source:RealBusiness)

One more thing to consider...


We all know how important first impressions are and nothing chips away at your credibility quite like spelling and grammar mistakes on your website or advertising copy. So using a copywriter for editing and proofreading is common practice these days.


The takeaway here is, make sure your copy is free from basic mistakes such as typos and punctuation errors, as this will help build trust in your business.

More than half of us (59%) would avoid doing business with a company who made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes.(Source: RealBusiness)

Words are powerful. If you struggle to find them, Trust Mind Trick Copywriting to harness this power to create compelling copy that reflects your brand values and gives your company a voice that inspires customers to take action.

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Want to

Stand Out

in the crowd? 


Mind Trick Copywriting

For compelling copy

that stands out!

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