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Compelling Copy that Sells.

Powerful words that influence & inspire customers to buy.

Give me a call to find out more about my services - (+44) 07485 089366 

Why work with me?

Compelling copy sells!

It's as simple as that.


Copywriters shouldn’t just be great at writing, they should be great at selling too. Whether it’s a company brand, product, or call to action, I draw on my 16+ years of experience as a sales professional to write powerful copy that persuades.

Using a copywriter is just good business.

Great Copy = Growth


Why spend countless hours racking your brain trying to find the right words to entice customers?

Hiring a professional to write it will...

  • Engage more with customers.

  • Increase your sales conversions.

  • Free your time to do what you do best.

That’s where a copywriter, “Ahem…” I come in.





Justin Hendricks | Copywriter | Storyteller | Creative

Who Am I?
Hi! I'm Justin...

People pay me to write attention-grabbing words and concepts that engage, persuade, and sell.  


These copywriting powers come from a rare alchemy of battle-tested real-world sales experience, a pinch of wicked wordsmithery, and a healthy dollop of creative imagination. 


“With great power…” and all that. I use mine to better comprehend your company brand, understand your target audience, and create compelling copy that helps grow your business. 

Why Hire Me?

I Bring...


16+ years of Real-world Sales and Marketing experience.




“Not every product solves a crisis but every sale is made on emotion.”



I love what I do and I do it with passion.


I employ honest communication and mutual respect built on sound ethical principles.


Image by Brooke Cagle


From establishing a brand voice that’s perfectly me, to social media posts
and advertising.
Mind Trick Copywriting’s impact on my digital marketing has increased my customer interaction by 200%.
Teresa | Owner | Black Isle Bakes 


What I Do.


Whether digital or print, I write the words that sell your wares. 

Effective, influential copy is critical for any business wanting to increase brand awareness or affect growth through sales.

I deliver engaging copywriting needed for straplines, ads, slogans,

and more.


Strategic email copy that increases Open Rates.

For email marketing to work, they have to be opened and not doomed to the dreaded Spam folder.


I craft enticing emails designed to not only engage your prospects but promote activity.


A good website needs

good copy.

Whether you’re building something new or just renovating that Home page, your design needs the support of good copy.


I create intuitive Website copy that invites visitors to stay a while and stands out from the neighbours.


Landing Page copy

that converts.

What’s the point of driving traffic to your sales pages if weak copy won’t keep them there?

I deliver persuasive landing page copy that converts so prospects don’t fly off without taking action.

Everyone's copywriting needs are different.

Take a look at what I can offer you.

Creating Copy

How I do it. 




Knowing your target audience is critical for effective copy. 

We have a meeting to understand your business, brand voice, tone guide, customer persona, and desired results.

Then starts the research and concepting process that forms the foundations of your specific copy requirements.



Guided by an established brief, I can now get stuck into the nitty-gritty of actually writing.

Different types of copy require distinct styles of composition to best engage with the reader.

This is where I weave strategic writing principles into the copy that best resonates with your

target audience.



The initial draft is now done and it’s time for the review.

We go over the initial brief and I present the copy that reflects its unique specifications.

Feedback is very important!

This is where things get tweaked until you’re completely satisfied. The final draft is then delivered, on time and ready to work for you.

I have a simple process to create the words that work for you.


Stand Out from the Competition.

Great copy makes the difference.

Find out how.


Call me!

If you're like me and prefer to just speak to someone... 

I'd love to hear from you.



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