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How it Works.

Discovering what makes your audience tick is vital to copy that works.

How do you create compelling copy?

Believe it or not, a good copywriter doesn’t just jump in front of their computer filled with divine inspiration and begin furiously slapping away at the keys until a masterpiece is revealed on their pixelated canvas.


There’s a little more to copywriting than that.


Sure, inspiration is a must but delivering high-quality copy that connects with your audience requires a few more steps.

1 Research

Step One

Knowing your target audience and the desired outcome is critical for effective copy.

During our meeting, we will work to understand your business, brand voice, tone guide, and customer persona. All that is learned and communicated during this meeting is put into a brief so we are all clear of the requirements and deadlines of your unique project.


Once agreed, I start the research and concepting process that forms the foundations of your specific copy.

In a Meeting

2 Write

Step Two

Guided by the brief, market research, and concepting, I can now get stuck into the nitty-gritty of actually writing.


Different types of copy present their own fundamental challenges and often require distinct styles of writing to best engage with the reader.


This is where I weave strategic writing principles into the copy that best resonates with your target audience. 

3 Review

Step Three

The initial draft is now done and it’s time for the review. We go over the initial brief and I present the copy that reflects its specifications.


Feedback is very important!  Don’t worry you won’t hurt my feelings. This is about you and your needs. If you would like something tweaked to make it “just right”, this is where we do it. Likewise, if you instantly love it, then I like to hear that stuff too.


The final copy is then delivered shortly afterward, on time and ready to work for you.

Team Meeting

Book a FREE 30-minute consultation! Contact me to talk about your copywriting needs and how I can create compelling copy for you.

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