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Website Design

Website Copy.

Words that engage your visitors and keep them coming back.

A good website needs good copy. 

I can’t say this enough.


In this respect, website design and website copy work hand in hand to create an online presence that attracts visitors, captures attention, encourages action, and keeps them coming back.


I’m launching a new website.

Do I need a copywriter?

Yes, you will. Whether you hire a copywriter you like or use one that's provided will depend on you and the company that’s building your website.

Some website builders will have a full turnkey service for your website design, logos, SEO (search engine optimisation) and copywriting, etc.


They may have their own in-house copywriters or will often use freelance copywriters like myself. A copywriter and a designer will ideally team up to work on these website projects together to ensure your new site is as attractive and engaging as possible.


Doesn’t my website already come with copy?

Some web designers may only specialise in the design aspect and leave the copy up to you to fill in. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for a business to invest in what they think will be an all singing all dancing website only to find it’s populated with Lorem Ipsum (dummy text which has no meaning) where their website copy should be.


This is no doubt a frustrating experience further compounded by a now delayed website launch and potentially stalled sales leads. Put on top of that the unexpected cost of now hiring a copywriter to add copy or worse, neglecting the importance of the copy altogether to just “get your website out there” and it can turn into a pretty stressful and time-consuming endeavor.


So make sure it’s clear when you’re working with your web designer exactly what it is you’re paying for and ensure the presence of a professional copywriter on your project.


I’ve already got a website, how can you help?

I can help breathe some new life into tired website copy, increasing your website traffic and conversion rates.

51% of companies say updating old content has proven the most efficient tactic implemented for lead generation. (Source: SEMrush, 2019)

"It's as easy

 as 1, 2, 3."

Collaborating on your project made easy, with these simple steps...







With the rise of serial browsers and google-happy shoppers, having a business website is essential. But with competition on the rise and visitor’s attention spans falling, staying relevant and engaging has never been more important.


It’s no longer just a case of “build it and they will come”! Sending your website off into the world wide sea of online shoppers and text skimmers hoping your site will get a nibble. You need a bigger hook or more… rods?


I’m lost in my own metaphor now. But my point is, updating your website more regularly with eye-catching copy that keeps visitors on your site longer is becoming a lot more important and more common than you might think.

Global B2C eCommerce sales are expected to reach

$4.5 trillion by 2021. (Shopify Plus, 2019)

If you'd like an engaging website that connects with your visitors and encourages conversion, get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss your website copy needs. 

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